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Welcome in Service Station El Visillo

Convenience Store

Get the most out of your visit and take a look at our store. We offer a broad selection of products with an excelent price-quality ratio.

Integrated Energy Service Provider

How to save money on energy bills? Is it wise to invest in solar panels? Is this the right time to invest in an electric car? Our advisor informs, and offers solutions.


Upon completion of our service station, our customers will be able to choose from a wide range of services including dogwash, package pickup point or laundry washing.

Energy Solutions

Our offer is made to residential homes, corporate clients and communities.

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Top tier quality fuels at a great rate. With aditives and microfiltrated, fuels at their best.

Gasoil at home

We deliver gasoil to your home, for boiler heating, car fuel and agriculture.


Have your own personal energy advisor looking into your electricity bill and save money.


Send us your gas bill and we will look for the best rates in the market.

Save in your electricity and gas bills

Send us a picture of your latest invoice and we will calculate your saving.

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Who's Lisbona

Lisbona is a family owned company founded in 1955 en Torre del Mar. Since then, the company has focussed on improving customer service and product quality.

At Lisbona we consider ourselves pioneers in developping and comercializing new technologies to create a more sustainable world.


Monday to friday
08:30 - 19:30

LISBONA E.S. El Visillo
Monday to sunday
06:30 - 22:00 (serviced)
22:00 - 06:30 (self-service)

Get in touch

ORRDERS 606 331 402

LISBONA E.S. El Visillo
952 54 58 11


C/Francisco de Goya 3-5
29.700 Vélez-Málaga

LISBONA E.S. El Visillo
C/Carrera de las Angustias, 60
29.740 Torre del Mar

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